Lost Monday

I saw the above image on Facebook this morning. I have seen these words before… and they always make me smile.

I smiled this morning too, but only after a grimace had first found my face 😛

Because this seems to be my Monday Mood today, ha ha! And I suppose that whether or not that is a good thing depends on attitude and personality type, in a lot of ways!

For me? It means that this Monday morning has me feeling a bit lost…. not even coffee has given me direction! 😛
My brain seems to be in a questioning phase, ”What are you doing? How are you going to do that? Why? How? What?” etc etc etc. And there is not a particular thought that relates to those questions either. It’s sort of an ‘all over the place’ thing – one question about the future, then a question about my daughter and school, then another that jumps to something dog related.

It’s a truly Messy Monday Mind for Meg 😛

And I just laughed out loud 😛 (I feel the need to point out here that I DO always laugh at myself 😛 )

But here’s something I know… this is ‘but a moment’. I have felt this way before, and no doubt I will feel this way again. It may last all day, or even all week… but the moment will pass.
And while the moment is probably important, and the questions are worthy of pondering even if the answers have themselves been lost in space, my attitude will make a difference – lost, or not.

So even in this moment, I will choose to pay attention to other things on this Monday too – because I know from personal experience that even when I feel lost, something magnificent can still happen.
(The last time I got lost, a butterfly found my shoulder… and since I happen to have such a great love for butterflies, it was a truly magnificent happening for me that day!)

So I am heading out to take on Monday… choosing to celebrate that thorns have roses 😉

If you find me, PLEASE ask me to wait 😉

7 thoughts on “Lost Monday

  1. I’m thankful Meg for your post and I hope that this moment will pass quickly.
    I hope that you find the answers to the questions that are being raised.
    I know that on many occasions I have questioned myself, my emotions, desires, the need for answers in respect of my childhood and my mother’s actions, as you said though these moments pass and life continues.
    I too am grateful that for the knowledges that I have that these moments pass, I am even more grateful though for the contribution that you have made in my life through your blog posts, your insights and interest in others and the way that you project yourself.
    Sending ❤ and hugs your way and hope that you have an enjoyable day and find yourself free from the distracting thoughts that beset you today 😊 x


  2. Ok Meg, hang on a mo, if you’re lost, so am I. Mondays should always a bind but the evenings are magnificent and tomorrow’s another day to be magnificent and continue on the rock star Road, even if it’s a lie rocky 😊

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    1. That makes a lot more sense 😛 😛

      I actually usually don’t have much of a problem with Mondays – I’m a weirdo 😛

      Feeling a little bit less lost this morning, so onwards and upwards 😉


    1. Maybe I am feeling this way because I know Summer is coming 😛 We’re in Spring now – our seasons are opposite to yours 😉
      I am NOT a fan of our extremely humid Summers – no aircon in most of our houses, a cool breeze becomes a myth, and it just gets uncomfortable! Ha ha!
      I’ve always preferred Winter though – love the layering of my clothing 😛 😉 Our Winters are generally not very cold…. but then again, when it’s 43F and there’s no heating either, it can be quite chilly 😉

      Perhaps these lost feelings are to do with the changing of the seasons? Hmmm…. there’s more to that than Summer/Winter 😉

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