be a pencil

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Just a little thought for us to consider today…. and yes, sometimes life is unpleasant, so feel free to eat cookies 😉

There was once a humble lady who spent her lifetime caring for the poor in the harsh slums of Calcutta. She lived her life by the words she was often heard to say :

”I am just a little pencil. But God is using me to write a love letter to the world.”

How about today we decide that instead of just complaining about all that is wrong (in our lives, in our immediate surroundings, in the world) we actually decide to make a positive contribution and difference?

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How about today instead of just taking from what is available to us, we also make a decision to give?

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How about today we walk around in a state of global awareness, not just of how environmental, social, cultural, economic and political factors impact the world, but also in a way that helps us see opportunities to love, give, and encourage others – to see how kindness can impact the world?


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And if you find yourself eating cookies, remember this :

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6 thoughts on “be a pencil

  1. I really like this post because it reminds me of how little a gesture can make all the difference in someone’s life.
    I also think that it is really important for us to recognise our purpose in life because I think all to often we get caught up with living in the moment.
    I hope that you enjoy your day my friend 😊

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  2. Smiles. This has been my mantra on days I am feeling so lost in my world. Reminding myself God spared my life till now for a reason and for lives. So even in the hard time or tough days, I look up and just smile, I know God is in it!. And giving in such moment helps – sending a chat message or SMS to check on someone, helps me lit hope and I forget my worries.

    Giving has so much blessings we can’t buy with any amount of money!. That peace and satisfaction!. 🙇

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