The ship was sinking. Fast.

It had been slow at first…the water seeping in through a small hole…
But the pressure had built, and now something so small had grown into something large enough to create chaos and devastation.

In what seemed like a shorter space of time than what it actually was, the ship took one last look at the magnificent orange and red hues of yet another almost perfect sunrise. It disappeared beneath the depths of a very large ocean, immersing itself in the dark depths below.

And sometimes, this is life.

We do our best, we give our best. We sail along, oblivious of the dark depths, and enjoy the wind in our hair and the warmth of the sun. When it rains, we seek comfort in our cabins, and wait. For the sun will surely shine again, and we can continue to sail.

Then it happens. Something small. And then a few more small things.
And before we know it, we have a hole – just big enough to leave a mark on our hearts and doubt in our minds.


But we aren’t ships. We don’t need to disappear into the darkness, beneath the murky waters. We have the ability to stay afloat.
We have a lifeline – whether it be your faith, your friend, or your family.
There is always a lifeline.


Don’t be shy, don’t feel ashamed.
Ask for help if you’re sinking.

The sun will shine again, and as you bask in its warmth, remember…


Happy sailing – and don’t forget to dance in the rain – this too shall pass!


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