It’s tough but…

never give up

When I saw this, I just HAD to share it. I hope you’re singing along with me 😛

If you’re a regular reader, then you know that this is something I truly believe in – no, not the hokey pokey 😛 I truly believe that we should NEVER give up. No matter what.
But as I have said before, my advantage seems to be that I am a ‘prisoner of hope’. There’s just something in me that refuses to lose hope altogether. And I am, always have been, and always will be, extremely grateful for that! I have been through some terrible times and terrible things, and if it wasn’t for this part of me, I wouldn’t be here to share things with you today.

Interestingly enough, although we should exercise it every day, today has been chosen as ‘Never Give Up Day’.

The honest truth about this is that it’s easier said than done, I know. Because sometimes the circumstances are not within our control, and sometimes we are just too overwhelmed.
But I ask you to try anyway. To just NOT give up.

A friend of mine is really battling depression at the moment. We were talking and she was explaining to me how bad it is for her right now. She commented that she nearly didn’t bother to answer my call – that it took a lot for her to ‘summon up the will to speak to me’. And my words to her were : ‘But you did. And that’s part of the battle won. And I am proud of you for fighting that feeling, for not giving in, and for taking my call.’
There was a slight change in her mood when she realised that she did have a small win under her belt. She hadn’t seen it until it had been pointed out… because sometimes it’s so dark where we are that we struggle to see.
(Which is why it is so important for us to recognise and encourage others with the things WE see in them – even if it’s just something small.)

As I mentioned in my previous post, sometimes we need to just take time – put everything on hold and be still, and rest, and allow ourselves to replenish body, mind and soul. It can help us to gain a new perspective, and find a better way forward, making a wise choice that we possibly hadn’t seen before.

It’s also important to remember that, in the words of Zig Ziglar, ‘motivation doesn’t last… neither does bathing…. that’s why we recommend it daily’.
In order to stay motivated, we need to work on it daily. And we all have different ways and things that motivate us. What is yours? Now carve out at least ten minutes a day, and get to it! 😉

It has been said that one of the main reasons that people ‘give up’ is because they haven’t been honest… with themselves! They’ve never questioned the belief systems they have and why they have them, and so they haven’t been able to identify the ones that are actually limiting them. There are also other people’s expectations that drive us to not be honest with ourselves : is that how I really feel? is this what I really want? is this who I really am?
For many years, I struggled with my own limiting (and negatively incorrect) belief systems, and looking back now, I don’t really think I had ‘my own identity’. I completely exhausted myself just trying to do, feel and be what was expected of me – to live up to someone else’s expectations.
It’s been a long road with many uncomfortable curves and bumps along the way, and it’s been a lot of hard work. I STILL have to do the work, daily. There is no ‘quick fix’ on this journey. It takes time…. it’s still taking time…
And yet the small rewards and celebrations along the way make it bearable. And I just know that the bigger picture will be a stunning masterpiece!
And I think it is partly THAT that keeps me going!
Even if you start small, be honest WITH YOU today. 

And remember Albert Einstein… a pure genius!
His father said he was a failure. He only started talking at age 4. At 16, he failed his entrance exams to a school in Zurich.
I truly believe that Albert Einstein’s secret recipe for success was that HE NEVER GAVE UP!

May you, dear readers and friends, make the choice today to do the same and NEVER GIVE UP! 



9 thoughts on “It’s tough but…

  1. This made me think. So, you gave up on your “negative” belief system? But you didn’t give up on the journey, thankfully. Is there a place to know when to give up on the situation, declare this the wrong path, to realise this relationship is beyond redemption and then give up. But have the determination to walk on, to walk away. Have I got two things in play here? The journey, the “I’m going there, I’m going to do that, be that and nothing is going to stop me” and the things along the way, the detours, the distraction, the wrong people. Is there a wisdom that tells us to give up on those things, how ever important they seem in the moment in order that we can achieve the greater thing? Does any of that make sense?😳If it doesn’t, ignore me, it’s early in the morning here and I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee yet.

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    1. Some very valid points in there.
      Yes, I would like to think that I have given up on the negative belief systems – that said, I am not always positive about everything. But I have chosen a different path regarding some of the things that were forced on me ‘to be true’, and I am happier for it – less judgmental, less critical, less angry, more loving.
      As for knowing the place to give up and ordering things in importance etc? I suppose it’s a personal journey for each of us. For me? I don’t always know the right time, or the right choice. I do try to take a step back and practice wisdom and discernment though.
      But I still sometimes make poor choices. There is no perfection. But there is the ability to keep trying, and doing and being. Learning and growing.
      I have had to walk away from some people more than once in my life, and it hurt – it was extremely difficult and at the time, felt destructive. I look back now, and realise that had I not done so, I wouldn’t be anywhere near who I am today. And although I am not perfect by any means, I kind of like who I am – most of the time 😛 😉

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  2. Yep, I am singing the song now. This was a really beautiful and inspiring post. I love how you were able to point out a small win to your friend and how you encourage us to never give up. I am a prisoner of hope as well. 😉

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      1. 🙂 that makes me smile, too.
        I appreciate it lots. Thank you….
        Feeling hopeful today. I called a therapist here who works in the NHS to ask her about therapy (she knew it wasn’t with her) and she really explained to me something I didn’t understand why someone had said which I thought wasn’t true – it is true. Told me what therapy options there would be. And gave me some names of resources to look up. I didn’t write them all down. She was just really nice and I put down feeling hopeful. Like maybe I’ll find a way out of here.

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